The history of a family-owned international transport company

In 1977 Mr. Josep Bahi Pla and Ms. Carme Sala commence road transport of goods operations with two lorries as a sole proprietorship.

In 1978 the first group company is founded under the name J. BAHÍ S.A.

In 1981 new facilities are launched in Campdorà (Girona, Spain)

In 1983 the process of expanding the company is initiated with the addition of a total of ten new large volume vehicles.

In 1988 as a part of its ongoing growth process, J. Bahí S.A. acquires its first fridge lorries to expand its fresh and frozen product road transport services.

In 1992 the company already owns 40 fleet vehicles and its expectations continue to grow with new logistics services.

In 1997 the current operating headquarters of J. Bahi S.A are inaugurated, with over 25.000 m2 in Celrà (Girona), with the aim of becoming a reference point in international road transport and logistics.

In 1998 new facilities and complementary services are added to the Celrà Management and logistics headquarters, including storage, fridge storage, an in-house repair workshop, lorry and trailer maintenance, bumping and painting, as well as a 24-hour tunnel washer and petrol station.

2000 – The expansion of offices in Europe and Spain is initiated. The Bahí Portugal MAIA (Oporto area), and the Bahí Alicante, Barcelona and Murcia branches are inaugurated.

2001 – The Group continues its expansion process abroad, inaugurating offices in France, Germany and Italy.
ISO 9002 certification is obtained.

2002 – 25th Anniversary

2004 – Investment in advanced and innovative technology. The entire fleet is equipped with a new GPS satellite communication system, allowing for improved management and control of the fleet, and immediate communication with and location of our vehicles.

2005 – Group services are initiated at a European level.

2006 – Commencement of services for self-employed professionals.

2007 – Expansion of routes to Emerging Europe (Eastern Europe).

2008 – 30th Anniversary.

2009 - Bahí Grup in Transport Logistic Fair in Munich, May 2009.

Short / medium-term future

The main objectives for the future are growth and professionalization in all areas, promoting and adding human capital to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.